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We are the largest Next Generation Sequencing service provider of Illumina, Ion Torrent and Pacific Biosciences sequencing platform in Singapore and South East Asia


We provide bioinformatics analysis with our NGS services, so you can focus on your science

Data Quality

We guarantee high quality scores of PE150: Q30 ≥ 80%, SE50: Q30 ≥ 90%

Fast Turnaround

We provide rapid turnaround time for projects of all sizes at competitive prices

Genomics Services

NGS Results of Unsurpassed Quality
Highest Quality Results, Advancing Your Genomic Research

Genome & Exome
Animal & Plant Genome
Gene Regulation
Single Cell
Microbial Genome

We provide excellent sequencing services to

Advance Your Genomics Research

Don’t hesitate to contact us to for a free consultation for your genomics project. Or request a quick quote from our friendly commercial team.

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