About NovogeneAIT Genomics Singapore

NovogeneAIT is the first provider of Illumina HiSeq X Five Sequencing in Singapore and Southeast Asia. Other available platforms are Illumina HiSeq (2000/2500/4000), NextSeq, Thermo Fisher Scientific Ion Torrent PGM, Proton, Ion S5™ and Ion S5™ XL, and Pacific Biosciences RSII/Sequel. With this world-leading capacity, we are able to run projects from the smallest to the the largest sizes. We perform all of our services at highly competitive and cost-effective prices.

Our Laboratory:

60 Biopolis Street, Level 6 & Basement 2,
Genome Building, Singapore 138672

About Novogene HQ

Novogene is an Illumina Genome Network partner that has done work for many of the largest and most prestigious institutions around the world. Having completed nearly 28,000 projects and sequenced 1,000,000 samples for more than 26,000 global customers, Novogene offers a track record of performance and reliability and the largest NGS capacity in the world. We offer a range of NGS-based services for human, plant, animal and microbial DNA and RNA analysis at highly competitive prices.

Major Projects includes:

  • China 100K Human Whole Genome Sequencing Project
  • China 1 Million Population Cohort Study
  • Shanghai “10×1000” Cancer Project
  • Netherlands University Medical Center Groningen 10K Meta Genome Project
  • Singapore 10K Human Whole Genome Project

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