Service Overview

next generation sequencing service provider in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines

We offer sequencing-only services based on Illumina sequencing platform, allowing you to construct your own sequencing libraries for your genomics projects. We accept a variety of pre-made sequencing libraries, for example, 10x Genomics libraries, RAD-seq libraries, and so on. You can choose the sequencing chemistry (SE/PE), read length, and platform that best suit your research needs.

Our lane sequencing service allows you to

  • Save on capital funding
  • Save on lab infrastructure cost
  • Save on training cost
  • Save on maintenance/repair cost
  • Save on depreciation cost
  • Save on running cost

Service Information

OptionsHiSeq PE150
HiSeq 2500 SE50
HiSeq PE100/SE100/PE75
HiSeq PE250
NovaSeq 6000 PE150 – S2 flow cell
NovaSeq 6000 PE150 – S4 flow cell
Library QC Result
Library QC Result