Service Overview

ChIP-Seq provides genome-wide profiling of DNA targets for histone modification, transcription factors, and other DNA-associated proteins. It combines the selectivity of chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) for recovering specific protein-DNA complexes with the power of NGS for high-throughput sequencing of the recovered DNA. Additionally, because the protein-DNA complexes are recovered from living cells, binding sites can be compared in different cell types or tissues, or under different conditions.

In ChIP-Seq, enriched DNA regions (protein binding sites) are detected as peaks above background reads, and bioinformatics analyses of these regions can reveal binding motifs. Applications include studies on gene regulation, transcription complex assembly, histone modification, developmental mechanisms, and disease processes. At Novogene, we can provide you with high quality sequencing and comprehensive bioinformatics analysis for your ChIP-Seq project.

Novogene also provides sequencing service and bioinformatics analysis on other kinds of IP-sequencing.

Service Information

  • Cost-effective: Rapid and efficient genome-wide profiling of multiple samples, using only 1/100 of the amount of DNA required for ChIP-chip.
  • Comprehensive analysis: Expert bioinformatics analyses utilizing widely accepted MACS2 software and latest programs for motif prediction, peak annotation, functional analysis, and data visualization.
  • Professional bioinformatics: All PhD team for Chip-Seq data analysis.