Service Overview

Accurately characterizing the diverse landscape of transcript isoforms generates key information for understanding the functional biology of genomes, but building complete transcripts, has been challenging. Isoform sequencing (Iso-Seq™), based on the extraordinarily long reads available with PacBio SMRT technology, provides full-length reads spanning entire transcript isoforms from the polyA-tail to the 5′ end, with no assembly needed! Iso-Seq is ideal for improving annotations in reference genomes, for characterizing gene isoforms, alternative splicing and gene fusion events, as well as for complementing the short/incomplete transcripts for species without a reference genome.

With the largest Illumina and SMRT sequencing capacity in the world, Novogene offers complete solutions for full-length transcript sequencing using combined Illumina and PacBio Sequel platforms. Illumina short reads are further mapped to the full-length transcripts generated from Sequel for error correction and for more accurate quantification analysis. Our experienced bioinformatics experts work closely with customers to provide standard
and customized data analysis and publication-ready results for species with and without a reference genome.

Service Information

  • Highly experienced: We have >100,000 samples successfully sequenced in over 7,600 completed projects, and articles published on transcriptome sequencing results across different species.
  • Largest sequencing capacity: We have the largest Illumina and PacBio sequencing capacities in the world, allowing us to provide high quality data, fast turnaround, and affordable prices.
  • Comprehensive data analysis: We use widely accepted mainstream software and mature in-house pipeline to discover novel transcripts, differential expressions, and function annotations