novogene novoPM


Molecular diagnostics offers a powerful new tool to help oncologists and pathologists study the genetic causes of cancer as well as the potential of targeted therapies, opening the door to the promising potential of personalized medicine. For cancer researchers conducting mechanism studies, biomarker screening and validation, and therapeutic target discovery, Novogene’s NovoPMTM cancer panel is a cost-effective technology that enriches specific regions or targeted genes through probe hybridization. More affordable than whole-genome and whole-exome sequencing to identify variants underlying the pathogenesis of cancer, NovoPMTM cancer panel is available for both tissue and liquid biopsy. As of August 2016, Novogene has applied its NovoPMTM cancer panel to 3,848 tumor tissue samples and to 2,122 liquid biopsy samples.

Service Information

In most cases, a biopsy of tumor tissue is costly, painful and potentially risky for patients, especially those with late-stage cancer. Non-invasive liquid biopsy of circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) in plasma can provide molecular information similar to that derived from invasive tumor biopsies at less cost and with less risk. Novogene is accepting plasma and ctDNA samples from cancer researchers interested in non-invasive liquid biopsy testing studies. As with our tissue biopsy test, our liquid biopsy panel sequences the coding region of 483 cancer-related genes and selected introns from 19 genes. Custom panels are also available upon request.