Service Overview

The pan-genome is the superset of all the genes present within a species, ranging from the “core genome” genes shared by all strains to “dispensable genome” or “unique genes” present in subset of strains or only in an individual strain.

Next-generation sequencing and state-of-the-art assembly algorithms make the construction of pan-genome maps feasible, and the construction of genome maps for individual or multiple strains provides unprecedented opportunities to investigate detailed genetic diversity at the population level. Examples of applications include breeding studies for identifying the genetic basis for desirable traits in wild and cultivated strains, and molecular ecology studies on the adaptive evolution of species across different habitats.

NovogeneAIT is a pioneer and world leader in the assembly and analysis of pan-genome maps. Our pan-genomic research studies have been published in leading scientific journals, and we provide our customers with the same high-quality data and analyses.

Service Information

  • Highly experienced: extensive experience in pan-genome assembly and analysis with publications in top-tier journals.
  • Cost effective: less expensive than de novo sequencing, pan-genome allows the discovery of species-wide and strain-specific genes.
  • Comprehensive bioinformatics: reveals structural variations (SV), copy number variations (CNV), and presence/absence variations (PAV) that may be missed when only resequencing highly similar regions.