Service Overview

Advances in whole-genome amplification and Novogene’s expertise have made single-cell sequencing easily accessible to researchers. Novogene is one of the few NGS providers with extensive experience in single-cell sequencing technology, including single-cell DNA sequencing. We offer the highest quality services in amplification, library construction, sequencing, and bioinformatics analysis to our customers, and our results have been published in leading scientific journals.

With single-cell DNA sequencing, the genomic heterogeneity of cell populations can be explored at the level of the individual cell. Genetic changes, such as point mutations and copy number variation occurring during disease and normal development processes, are profiled using the minute amounts of DNA from single cells. Applications include analysis of genetic heterogeneity within unicellular and multicellular organisms, detection of chromosomal anomalies in germ line cells, preimplantation genomic screening of embryos, and defining the genetic composition of tumors for developing more targeted therapies.

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