Service Overview

Single-cell sequencing is now readily available to researchers through Novogene’s expertise in this field. Novogene is one of the few NGS providers with extensive experience in single-cell sequencing technology, including single-cell RNA-Seq. We offer the highest quality services in amplification, library construction, sequencing, and bioinformatics analysis to our customers, and our results have been published in leading scientific journals.

Single-cell RNA-Seq enables the high-resolution transcriptome profiling of a single cell, and has broad utility for investigating developmental processes and gene regulatory networks, and for revealing heterogeneous gene expression patterns within cell cultures, tissues, and organs. Applications include profiling gene expression changes during stem cell differentiation, organ development, or tumor progression, and characterizing the response of subpopulations of cells to environmental signals and conditions.

Novogene offers the most advanced techniques for transcriptome analyses for single cells.

Service Information

  • Leader in single-cell RNA-Seq: We are one of the few providers of this technology, with the highest ranking in technical capability and experience, and publications in the field.
  • Advanced amplification methods: We use the SMARTer kit for single cell RNA amplification, which reduces amplification costs, improves amplification rates, and has been utilized in multiple publications. The success rate for amplification from human peripheral blood lymphocytes and mammalian embryonic cells are 100% and >62%, respectively.
  • Comprehensive processing: Our single-cell RNA-Seq service includes amplification, library construction, sequencing, and bioinformatics analysis.