WES promotion from NGS service provider in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines

Promotion Details:

WES service using Nimblegen SeqCap® EZ Human Exome. For 50x and 100x human WES only. Valid till 28th Feb 2019.

Service Deliverables:

  1. Paired end sequencing, 2×150 base pairs using Illumina HiSeq or Novaseq
  2. Human whole exome sequencing equivalent to data volume of 9 Gb per sample
  3. Data QC criteria: Q30≥80%
  4. Nimblegen SeqCap® EZ Human Exome v3.0 kit is used
  5. Passed filtered and de-multiplexed sequence reads will be provided
  6. Base calling with FASTQ files as deliverable and calculation of quality control and coverage metrics

Please contact our commercial team to get a quotation today! For customers from SEA countries, please contact our distributors for pricing.